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Thread: Oudie to V7 to Flarm/RedBox/MiniBox via LX Splitter

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    Oudie to V7 to Flarm/RedBox/MiniBox via LX Splitter

    Please read carefully if this is your combination of devices:

    If your navigation devices are Oudie (or any other kind of PDA/PNA running SeeYou Mobile) connected to LX Nav V7 vario which is further connected to a Flarm (or RedBox or MiniBox or MiniOZ) by the LX Splitter then beware that direct communication from SeeYou Mobile/ConnectMe to Flarm (downloading flights, task declaration) in this combination WILL NOT WORK if external Flarm display is connected to the Splitter.

    This is because the Transmit line from the Flarm Display will interfere with the communication between SeeYou Mobile / ConnectMe and the Flarm.

    . Disconnect Flarm Display from the Splitter (can be clumsy depending on the location of the Flarm Display)
    . Connect to Flarm bypassing the V7 or Splitter (probably very clumsy, less so when using Oudie because standard cables fit)
    . Make a switch which breaks the Transmit line from Flarm Display for the duration of communication (prone to errors - leaving the switch in the wrong place)

    Neither solution is great but at least it is workable. Maybe the LX companies will create a more simple hardware solution but at this moment there is none.

    Thanks goes to Chris Edwards for his patience and professionalism in debugging all this:
    I have tested the following Oudie/V7/Red Box combinations. Results below:

    The Oudie can declare tasks to the Red Box using the following configurations:
    Red Box < Oudie
    Red Box < Spliitter < Oudie (both splitter connections)
    Red Box < V7 < Oudie
    Red Box < V7 < LX Splitter < Oudie (both splitter connections)

    The Oudie will NOT declare tasks to the Red Box using the following configuration:
    Red Box < V7 < Splitter < Oudie < Flarm Display (connected to splitter)

    It seems the Flarm display prevents the Oudie/V7 from transmitting via the splitter, presumably to prevent display interference.
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    I have a PNA running SeeYou Mobile and ConnectMe. I also have a V7 and an LX navigation Red box flarm. I seem to have no problems at all with the communication between the devices. I don't however have an LX Splitter as mentioned above. I have a budget splitter which connects the red box flarm, flarm display and V7 together and when uploading or downloading data to and from the PNA, it all works fine without having to modify the circuit.

    The only thing I can see different is the different splitter.

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    The splitter makes all the difference!

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    Please can you give details of the splitter with which this works? Many thanks.

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