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13th March 2003, 10:11
Thanks for updating the optimization.
I have few questions/comments:
1 - When do you plan to include standard FAI tasks such as O&R, free 3 TP distance, straight distance, etc in the optimization? Those are common for badges and records. In 2.1 the only FAI tasks available are triangles. No O&R or straight distance. The free distance doesn't cover FAI free distance (minimum leg distance, etc).
2 - The OLC distance for uncompleted triangles is often calculated as if the flight was completed.
3 - The DMSt free flight always show a slightly greater distance (1 mile) than the HG/PG OLC free flight.


Andrej TeamCU
15th March 2003, 19:13
1 - Something we've missed so far, thanks for pointing it out!

2 - It is allowed to finish 20% away from the start point in OLC PG/HG to count as FAI Triangle.

3 - due to DMSt Rules, Free flight is exactly 2km longer than the OLC Free flight